Benefits of SORBER Sound Baffles

Whether in a recording studio, on a stage or in a church environment the need for high quality sound is essential to truly enjoying the music experience. However different instruments, particular acoustics and sound reverberation can all have an adverse effect on the sound being produced and if you want to temper overpowering instruments and control sound reflection consider using high quality SORBER sound baffles. Made from rigid 1.5″ thick compressed fiberglass and encased in heavy duty trunk cloth SORBER baffles are easy and effective ways to contain sound in a recording studio or on a church or theater stage.

When a band is playing drums tend to be the loudest of the instruments. The deep and prevailing sound of percussion of bass drums, cymbals and snares can easily drown out guitars, keyboards and vocalists leading to a less than pleasing sound. Instead of reverting to artificial sounding electronic drums or offending your drummer by asking him to change his technique consider using high quality sound baffle equipment to effectively control the sound reflections. With SORBER sound baffles and drum kit acrylic panel enclosures you can temper the resonating vibrations of drums so the other instruments don’t get washed out in the final sound.

Sound baffles, including SORBER fiberglass panels, are affordable and easy to use which makes recording music in a studio or playing on a church stage more enjoyable to the musicians and audience. These sound baffle panels don’t simply re-direct sound, the heavy-duty carpet cloth panels actually absorb sound so the reflections are controlled to a level that will make your music sound the way you want. SORBER sound baffles use fiberglass instead of more expensive fill because of its fire resistance and superior sound absorbing properties.

Sound baffle panels also have versatile functionality in that it can be used in a free standing mode or attached to recording studio walls to better accommodate the specific set up of your band. The sturdy Velcro flaps used with SORBER panels allow you to avoid messing up walls with glue or nails so your studio or church stays in great condition. The rugged cloth that encases the panel is made from polypropylene with a latex backing that is ideal for transporting on the road where equipment can take a beating being lugged from trucks and loading docks.

Using sound baffles, including SORBER panels, can have a great impact on the overall quality of sound coming from your church band or studio musicians. At an affordable price you get heavy duty sound controlling equipment that is easy to use, versatile and still maintains the natural sound of organic instruments without having to resort to electronic machines.

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