Preschool Teacher Requirements

Certain preschool teacher requirements rely on the teacher’s personality. The teacher should meet these requirements before considering becoming a preschool teacher. First and foremost, you must love children. Stop and consider if you can spend 8-10 hours per day with 3, 4, and 5 year olds and have a positive enjoyable outlook before you consider becoming a preschool teacher.

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Along with a positive attitude, your personality will be sure to have plenty of patience. You will be dealing with plenty of situations that will require an abundance of patient. You may have preschoolers that aren’t getting along, spills and sticky messes, accidents and demanding parents. All will require you to reach into your bag of patience for a never-ending supply.

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Another preschool teacher requirement would be super organizational skills. You will want to have a place for everything and be able to keep excellent records. Between papers, supplies and equipment there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to keep track of. Being organized will mean that you can keep on top of the stuff.

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Having good communication skills is another requirement that could lead to a better experience and a better run preschool. You will be communicating with toddlers all the way up to their grandparents. Being able to communicate with a wide range of ages can be essential when working in a preschool.

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Creative could be a preschool teacher requirement that might be overlooked by some. The variety of activities that you a preschool teacher presents in their 3 hour time with their children can be overwhelming. You will want to have ideas for circle time, lessons, themes, fine motor activities, dramatic play, music and movement, gross motor activities, snack, and free time.

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Along with the personality traits of a preschool teacher there are more concrete preschool teacher requirements. It is hard to identify them specifically because they differ from state to state.

All states have a requirements that are similar or the same. They all require CPR certification and first aid certification. They all require those that work with children have at least a high school diploma. All public preschools require teachers to be licensed.

To find the preschool teacher requirements for your state or area do a search at the state or local education office. Your place of application should also be able to help with requirements.

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Many times to be the lead teacher or director of a preschool, a bachelor’s degree is required. This four-year program would be in an accredited, four-year university. It would likely be in Early Childhood Education or occasionally in Elementary Education. You would be required to do a student teaching experience at a preschool where the professional teacher would train you in the day-to-day running of a preschool.

Sometimes an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education is acceptable for the preschool teacher requirement. You can get an associate’s degree at the local community college. At Head Start, a Federal program for at-risk preschool children, an associate’s degree is required.

The CDA or Child Development Associate credentials can sometimes be all that is required. These credentials are available to applicants with high school diplomas and junior and senior high school students that are in a vocational program. Those that apply must have proof of 120 hours of training and 480 hours of early childhood education experience within the last 5 years. Then they must pass a written exam and oral interview.?

Do you have what it takes? Do you love children? In your personalities can there be found patience, a positive attitude, creativity, organization, and great communication skills? Do you have the proper licenses and/or degrees required for your state or area?

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